“IMECS MIRA” – Powerful Maritime & Industrial Remote Administration Software

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With our brand new and innovative application we provide IT administrators now a powerful all-in-one solution to administrate and monitor their increasingly growing IT infrastructures worldwide. Supervise local but also remote networks as for example on ships, airplanes, oil rigs and many more!

MIRA provides numerous integrated tools, such as a remote command line, which is also available with a powerful graphical user interface, a virtual transaction-based file explorer, more than 3000 system information , automatic inventory of the entire IT, file up- and downloads, a powerful task planer and many other features. Every execution of tasks or commands return with status and command line output. MIRA focus in particular on different connectivity environments and enables you still to work in case of aborted or limited connections (e.g. satellite connections).

IT professionals no longer have to publish passwords, write e-mails or implement complex local mechanisms as for example using the OS task planner to import complex admin scripts sent by mail. Forget about slow and traffic consuming screen sharing software and learn more here.

Further product information you can find here.

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