Technical Management

Technical Management

Ensure technical availability & reduce costs through transparency.

Ensure technical availability & reduce costs through transparency.

Provides all required functions regarding the technical management with the following key areas:

  • Equipment * (incl. detailed nautical/technical data)
  • Maintenances * (planned, unplanned, condition-based, keyword “Planned Maintenance System”)
  • Certificates * (incl. Renewal Wizard)
  • Spare parts *
  • Counter (manual / electronic interfaces)
  • Circulating parts *
  • Workshop & repair
  • Catalogs & items
  • Stocks
  • Inventories
  • Material requisition
  • Automatic lossless compression (reduces traffic for worldwide access)
  • Paperless approvals & real-time teamwork worldwide
  • Statistics & reports
  • Integrated communication (messages related to any task/process with attachments)
  • Extremely simple and intuitive to use

* assign an unlimited number of documents and/or formatted descriptions with pictures, videos, audio

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